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导读:大学体验英语综合教程课文辅导4(第2版)(附光盘1张),大学体验英语综合教程 2 第三版Unit 1 Listen and talkFamous universities are located all over the world, and they attract students from all over the world, too. Oxford and Cambridge are the two oldest universities in Britain with


大学体验英语综合教程 2 第三版Unit 1 Listen and talkFamous universities are located all over the world, and they attract students from all over the world, too. Oxford and Cambridge are the two oldest universities in Britain with a history of Oxford 1) dating back to 1100s. Princeton was established in 1746 and is located in Princeton, New Jersey, a state on the east 2) coast of America. MIT began in 1861 and is located in another 3) eastern state, Massachusetts. Stanford is a famous university in California. In 1891, Mr. and Mrs. Leland Stanford wanted to establish a university in the West 4) where young men and young women could 5) earn a degree. They donated many acres of land to the establishment of Stanford. It is one of the largest campuses in America today. Harvard is the oldest university in America 6)_surrounded by many historic buildings with an 7) atmosphere of American history. Students attending Harvard have more than 40 areas of 8) undergraduate studies to choose from. There are schools of medicine, business, design, law, public health, public policy, to 9) name a few. First year students, called freshmen, are required to live on campus. Sophomores and upper classmen can choose off campus living in an 10)__apartment_or a house. There are many activities students can participate in from music to sports to student government.4T1. The group elected one of its members to be their spokesperson. 2. Wage increases are being kept to a(n) minimum in many companies because of the economic depression. 3. The engineering profession now has many distinct branches. 4. Now that you’re 13 you should have more sense of responsibility . 5. Students usually pursue one or more of the subjects, which they have studied at “A” level, such as Art, Drama, English, Music, etc. 6. We need to make sure that we _exploit our resources as fully as possible. 7. Congress is considering measures to restrict the sale of cigarettes. 8. College courses should be designed to equip students with knowledge and skills to help them survive in modern society. 9. The local government _granted_$1.1 million so that the old theater could be taken down and rebuilt. 10. For his achievement in the medical field, the Mayor awarded him a medal of merit.5T1. The organization provides information on health issues to the public at large . 2. On the basis of what the Minister says, we will learn whether the Government’s thinking has advanced. 3.I’d like to say a word or two ____in support of________ his proposal. 4.In response to your advertisement in the Bedfordshire Reporter, I am writing to_apply for_ the

post of secretary. 5.Our company is aiming at a 50% increase in production this year.7T1.任何年满 18 岁的人都有资格投票(be eligible to,vote)。

Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to vote. 2.每学期开学前, 这些奖学金的申请表格就会由学校发给每一个学生。

(apply for, scholarship) A form to apply for these scholarships is sent by the university to every student before the start of every semester. 3.遵照医生的建议,我决定戒烟。

(on the advice of) On the advice of my doctor, I decided to give up smoking. 4.公园位于县城的正中央。

(be located in) The park is located right in the center of town. 5.这所大学提供了我们所需的所有材料和设备。

(facilities) The university provides all the materials and facilities we desire.13T1.Reducing unemployment will be the main challenge facing the new government. 2.he new toy didn’t engage the child’s attention for long; a few minutes later he cried again. 3.They accused him of having prejudice against his women employees. 4.At the meeting, she made a number of constructive remarks to help improve our work. 5.He said she_had transformed_him from a hard-drinking person to a devoted husband and father. 6.My tutor _urged_ me to take the time to read at least three books on the list. 7.The mutual understanding between the couple provides a solid foundation for their marriage. 8.The knowledge that a rescue team would continue searching for them sustained the trapped miners. 9.He did not realize that the unemployment was all that critical in the city. 10.The terrible accident generated a lot of public interest in the nuclear power issue.14T1.We are going to take advantage of_the fine weather to do some gardening. 2.Their knowledge and experience_contributed immensely to the progress of the work. 3.The film you watched yesterday was based on a novel by D.H. Lawrence. 4.I’d like to share with you something that happened last week near my home. 5.The organizer will invite big car makers from all over the world to participate in the exhibition.15T1.他们花了多年的时间寻找内心的平静,但是收效甚微。

(search for) They spent many years searching for peace of mind, but with little success. 2.这种新药的成功研制已经使许多疾病的治疗发生了根本性的变革。

(revolutionize) The successful development of the new drug has revolutionized the treatment of many diseases. 3.由于这个国家的经济不景气,这家公司濒于破产。

(on the edge of) The company is on the edge of bankruptcy due to the economic depression in the country.



(rewarding) He became a nurse after college. He thought nursing could be a very rewarding career. 5.他像往常一样在文件上签了名。

(just as) He signed his name on the paper just as he has always done it.Unit 2 Listen and talkWhat kind of job are you looking for? The classified ads are a good place to begin a 1) search for employment. They are a great resource to learn about what companies look for in employees and 2) offer a little information about the company as well. Applying and interviewing for a job requires skills worth developing. Being able to 3) identify one’s strengths, effectively communicating with 4) confidence , having a desire to learn more about the 5) employer , and displaying enthusiasm can sometimes make up for inexperience. As you look at the pictures, think about the different 6) qualifications each profession or vocation requires. A construction worker, a waiter and a farmer may not need higher education for their pursuits, but it 7)_certainly_ helps. Secretarial work requires less education than being a teacher or a doctor, but each job is important in society. While becoming a teacher requires a 8) minimum of four years study at a university, teaching entails constant learning. Understanding deeply the subject matter being taught and discovering the 9)learning style of students are just two areas of 10) importance for teachers. Many studies continue to research how to effectively teach and how to teach students to effectively learn. In one way or another, we are all teachers.4T1.I’m absolutely sure that this dress is a cheaper version of the one we saw in that department store. 2.The bookshelves were crowded with books and scientific publications . 3.If you want to open a file, click twice on the icon (图标) for it. 4.To their disappointment, the thieves were spotted by the police at the moment they were entering the bank. 5.During World War II, many refugees fled to the United States. 6.They’ve updated (更新) a lot of _entries_ in the most recent edition of the dictionary. 7.Despite ___financial_______ difficulties, they did not find the life in London unpleasant. 8.After a lot of part-time jobs, John finally got a(n) full-time position. 9.In your report, you should give a(n) detailed description of the whole incident. 10.Companies publish annual reports to inform the public about the previous year’s activities.5T1.At the age of 29, he set up a commercial property business. 2.While she was tidying up the living room, she came across her old photograph album. 3.My doctor referred me to specialist in heart disease.

4.He hired private investigators to check out his future business partner. 5.She only learnt of / learned of her son’s marriage long after the event.6T1.She is now concentrating on a(n) career as a fashion designer. 2.When I went for my first interview for this job I arrived extremely early. 3.Police insisted that Michael did not follow the correct procedure in applying for a visa. 4.We organized a(n) exhibit of recent books upon constant requests from the readers. 5.The newspaper publishes a(n) profile of a leading sportsman every week.7T1.警察们正忙着填写关于这场事故的各种表格。

(fill out) The policemen are busy filling out forms about the accident. 2.我想在还车之前把油箱(fuel tank)加满。

(fill up) I want to fill up the fuel tank before returning the car. 3.如果你要投诉,最好遵循正确的程序。

(follow the procedure) If you want to make a complaint, you’d better follow the correct procedure. 4.要不是约翰帮忙,我们绝不会这么快就完成实验。

(without) We couldn’t have finished the experiment so soon without John’s help. 5.暴风雨之后,岸边的人们焦急地搜索湖面以期发现小船的踪迹。

(scan for) After the storm, the people on the shore anxiously scanned the lake for any sign of the boat.13T1.There is a scar on the criminal’s face, so it’s not hard to identify him. 2.Don’t count on Mr. Wilson. He isn’t likely to agree to take the position. 3.What are the characteristics that distinguish yours from other universities? 4.His speech won him a genuine_ round of applause from the audience. 5.After a two-month internship, Mary was confirmed in a position in this company. 6.The prospects for young people in this job are excellent although the starting salary is not satisfactory. 7.Many workers in the country have been laid off as a consequence of the financial crisis and economic downturn. 8.It’s reported that the company will recruit all its new employees from college graduates next year. 9.Many export-oriented industries have lost their competitive edge because of the high exchange rate. 10.He has a strong sense of responsibility, which is reflected _ in his devotion to work.14T1.Chemical changes in our body break the food down into useful substances. 2.The government’s plan is that social security accounts for about a fifth of the total public spending. 3.Cigarette smoking has long been associated with lung cancer and even breast cancer. 4.To make your argument convincing, you must build it on sound logic.

5.I don’t have to buy the lunch on campus today because my mother has prepared me a lunch box and a big apple in addition15T1.这个国家不大,但是在国际事务中它却发挥着重要作用。

(play a role) This country is not big, but it plays an important role in international affairs. 2.正是在我叔叔的帮助下,我得以克服困难,按时完成了任务。

(it is „ that) It was with the help of my uncle that I overcame the difficulty and completed the assignment in time. 3.毕业时他决定留在北京,而他最好的朋友却选择了去西藏。

(while) While he decided to stay in Beijing upon graduation, his best friend chose to go to Tibet. 4.在这次校园英语演讲比赛中,我们班的玛丽获得了第三名。

(come in) In this Campus English Speaking Contest, Mary from our class came in third. 5.你应该知道学习弹钢琴需要有时间,有金钱,还要有毅力。

(as well as) You should know that it takes time, money as well as perseverance to learn to play the piano.